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I'm happy to announce that Flux has accepted my latest YA novel, The War at Home, for publication later in 2012.  Although the name may change, TWAH is the story of Dov Howard, a 16-year-old emo kid who is living a comfortably disillusioned life in the shadow of his perfect older brother, Brian.   Brian seems destined to cement his legendary status when he joins the National Guard and is unexpectedly deployed to Afghanistan, but a tragic wartime incident brings him home with devastating injuries.  Can Dov find it in himself to step up and support this new, damaged version of Brian?  Or will he sink back into the shadowy comfort he has always sought before? The War at Home is about stepping out of one's comfort zone to support a family member, and dealing with the aftermath of war, something many are currently facing as their soldiers return from the Middle East.

I'm also continuing work on my newest effort "The Lost Life of Astrid Jones."  It tells the story of Astrid Jones and the unusual and sometimes confusing life she leads traveling down the road with Lou, an independent trucker.   How Astrid came to live with Lou is a mystery even to her, and she spends her days lost in movie magazines, dreaming of one day being adopted by Sandra Bullock, with whom she feels a special connection.  When a series of unexplained murders began to trail Astrid and Lou, Astrid is left wondering about the man at the wheel of the big rig, and whether or not she really IS safe in his care.

I enjoyed being treated like a rockstar during my May visit to the YAC Young Writers Conference in Thief River Falls!  It was fun to teach eager young writers about including epistolary elements in their stories, and help them realize that they've all been reading epistolary novels without knowing it!

In other news, my oldest is fielding college offers (so far from Boston College and Loyola), while two of our girls are anticipating their Sweet 16, while the others are busy with (in order of age and gender): figure skating competitions, 7th grade basketball, and ZhuZhu's.   We are starting to see the stirrings of spring and it's making us all feel slightly giddy (I wish I could say "I feel infinite", but Stephen Chbosky already used that great line!)    

Stay tuned for future updates!  As always, if I'm in the vicinity, I'd be glad to visit your local bookstore, classroom, bookclub meeting, or other events for reading, signing, and/or Q&A; just email me at to make arrangements.  I'm planning to embark on the first official S.T. Underdahl Book Tour now that Summer On Lake Tulaby is out, although unlike Tori Spelling, I will not have a luxury bus with my picture on the side!   Or will I?....

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful reviews, emails, and comments!  I always love hearing from you, and the words "couldn't put it down" are especially appreciated!




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May 18, 2011 - Northwest Service Cooperative Young Writers Workshop
Thief River Falls, MN




Breaking News:

The 2nd edition of The Other Sister is coming soon!

Pioneer Press reviewed  The Other Sister in their "Paper Clips" Life section!  Great article and full color picture! says:

The Other Sister does a very credible, thorough, and touching job...An honest portrayal of the complexities involved in reunion."